Evangelical Lutheran
Theological Faculty
Comenius University Bratislava

Department of Practical Theology

has the following educational and research objectives:

1. with the help of lectures, exercises, practices and seminars, prepare EBF UK graduates through EBF UK study programs for theologically high-quality and contextually relevant service in the area;

- the spiritual service of priests, primarily in the Evangelical Church in Slovakia, but also in other churches;

- educational programs and teaching of religion at schools of various levels and in church congregations;

- social services of churches, non-public and public providers;

2. to research the overall mission of the church in the context of a pluralistic society;

3. to continue researching the historical roots and current possibilities for the service of the church, thus participating in the renewal of spiritual life through worship meetings, improving the quality of the musical form of the liturgy and personal pastoral service;

4. explore the possibilities of cooperation between the humanities (especially psychology, sociology, communication, rhetoric, modern communication technologies, supervision of colleagues) with practical theology and apply the research results to educational programs;

5. expertly research in the domestic and international context new social-deacon challenges for the socially dependent, marginalized groups, migrants... and use the results in the preparation of educational programs.