Library of the ELTF CU

Theological library:

  1. use disinfection before entering the library
  2. there may be 2 people in the library at the same time (except for the library worker)
  3. distance between persons 2 m
  4. max. the time of stay in the library for one person (in case other people are waiting in the queue) is 25 min.
  5. prohibition of picking books from shelves
  6. temporary restriction on the use of computers
  7. The library's study room is temporarily unavailable
  8. The copier will be operated exclusively by library staff

Where to find us

Library EBF UK:

Bartókova 8
811 02 Bratislava

How do you get there?

From city center:

from Hodžovo square trolley bus n. 207, 203 line to Hrad (Castle), get off at stop Červený kríž (hotel Albrecht). Walk across the road onto street Slávičie údolie. Walk down the street cca 5 min. towards crossroad, turn right. You will end up in front of main faculty entry dominated by blue tower. Main entry is not for public, therefore please walk down through gate and small parking lot and use this entry instead.

From Mlynská dolina:

Use bus n. 31, 39 get off at stop ZOO, next cross the street towards office building (Partnersgroup, Aegon) and continue along Slávičie údolie street up the middle road. Caution! Road is steep (we don’t recommend this route during winter time). Alternatively, it’s possible to use lines from city or Patrónka resp. Kramare, lines n. 30, 32, 37 (stop ZOO).

Besides lines mentioned above, you can use line n.41 from Vozovňa Hroboňova. We recommend to get off at Na hrebienku or Búdková stops. Please be aware this line is not very regular

Common online catalogue UK

- common catalogue of faculty libraries of Commenius University, which contains every exemplar of librarian publications and periodic , including final theses of all UK faculties.

Registration of publication activities of CU staff

- list of publications written by employees of UK

External electronic information resources 

- access to several above mentioned sources of information, provided via project NISPEZ (license agreement).

ESI available via NISPEZ are financed through European Fund of Regional Development, Operation program Research and Development and its use is permited only for community of researchers and scientists of Slovakia.

Search tools

Scientometric database

Fulltext database

Open Access sources


EBF UK Library is informational workplace used to support educational and research & development processes at EBF UK. Library with its librarian - information funds and other information services is helping to achieve tasks performed by pedagogic, research & development staff and students attending all forms of studies.

Faculty and University publications for sale:

Sale of publications produced at EBF UK and UK Bratislava Publisher is being held at our library premises

Color printing and scanning at EBF UK Library

Price for 1 page of black & white copy (1 A4=0,04 €, 1 A3=0,08 €), 1 page of color copy (1 A4=0,15 €, 1 A3=0,30 €) . Scanning of documents is charge free.

Library personnel will gladly help with operation of a printer.