Evangelical Lutheran
Theological Faculty
Comenius University Bratislava


Theological dormitory

"Home is not where you live, but where you are understood."

Ch. Morgenstern

Having a home does not mean having a place where one can put things away. It means much more. Relationships, connections, family. Nor is Teologický domov just a dormitory, one of many that Bratislava has to offer. It is the background and proximity in the anonymity of the capital. Its offer is also specific. It is not just accommodation in single, double and triple rooms with their own social facilities, shared kitchens and a clubhouse. To this offer he adds the offer of a rich spiritual, intra-mission and social life. It includes the opportunity to attend morning and evening prayers, academic services on Wednesdays, evening services on Sundays, events led by students in cooperation with church choirs in Bratislava, but also annual spiritual gatherings, discussion evenings, creative workshops, game evenings, wafer baking, barbecues and many others.

For this rich spiritual and intra-missional life, spiritual administrators are responsible in the Theological Home of ECAV at EBF UK in Bratislava. In addition to the above, they offer students the possibility of spiritual guidance in the area of ​​faith, service in the church and in personal, private lives. The photos that you can find in our gallery show all of this. However, none of the photos can replace your own experience. We will therefore use the words of the faculty's promotional materials: "come and experience it".